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Student Activities

Students of Medicine are an active body of the Faculty of Medicine and through Student Council cooperate with faculty administration.
Members of Slovenian Medical Students' Committee supplement their student life with extra seminars, realise their ideas in different projects and are connected with other world health organizations. They want to create a better world to live in, which can be seen through a great variety of projects they are active in. One-month student exchange programs enable students to get professional and personal experience abroad.
Slovenian Dental Students' Committee unites students of Dental Medicine who use their ideas and enthusiasm to make sure student life is versatile and interesting.
Modern computers are available to use on the Faculty of Medicine; 34 in computer room Maxilla (above Mandibula) and some in the lobby. The lobby and all the lecture rooms have Wi-Fi Eduroam Service.
A new website of the Faculty of Medicine is a valuable source of information for students along with other websites put up by our students.

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